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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Well had the most amazing time at Mt Franklin. Although blessed with another head cold, sore throat went along on my merry way. Pitched my new tent, set up a home from home with the boiling billy and camp stove. Fantastic ritual on the Saturday night. Ended up with major headache and migraine. However, have to say well worth doing and will do it again. Thing is I think I would love to go camping again. And if you go to the free campsites it can be a really cheap retreat for me. Will have to think about that one big time.

Back into it again, with kids and shopping etc but, well, I love my family. Have to say can't wait for my studio to be finished. I can then get to work on some nitty gritty witchcraft.

Mabon today, last harvest. We must say thanks to mother nature for our abundance and look forward to some quite times for winter and introspective times ahead.

Wise Witch

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