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Thursday, 16 August 2012

All aboard the train of change!

Have had an amazing year. Firstly still work for Bedouin Freeform Tents but now from home rather than going to a warehouse and loving the commute across the garden.
Am finally in my studio so can really get nitty and gritty with the spiritual side of life.
Have done a couple of Mediumship weeks with Tony Stockwell.
Gone on to a more specialised readings of mediumship and tarot.
Daughter now in year 10 of CLC and choosing VCE subjects now.
Eldest son finishing this year at OLHC
Youngest son still loud but in year 2 at OLHC
He who is unaware still unaware.

For me, I lost a dear, dear friend in June this year (2nd). Devastating to lose Yvonne. She had journeyed with me during the mediumship week. We rattled around together doing our witchcraft (said in a whisper) and basically becoming fast and firm friends. I now know she is around me in spirit, but God I wish she were here in the physical.

It's been a challenging year so far, however that is what life is all about.

I hope to blog more often.