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Thursday, 16 August 2012

All aboard the train of change!

Have had an amazing year. Firstly still work for Bedouin Freeform Tents but now from home rather than going to a warehouse and loving the commute across the garden.
Am finally in my studio so can really get nitty and gritty with the spiritual side of life.
Have done a couple of Mediumship weeks with Tony Stockwell.
Gone on to a more specialised readings of mediumship and tarot.
Daughter now in year 10 of CLC and choosing VCE subjects now.
Eldest son finishing this year at OLHC
Youngest son still loud but in year 2 at OLHC
He who is unaware still unaware.

For me, I lost a dear, dear friend in June this year (2nd). Devastating to lose Yvonne. She had journeyed with me during the mediumship week. We rattled around together doing our witchcraft (said in a whisper) and basically becoming fast and firm friends. I now know she is around me in spirit, but God I wish she were here in the physical.

It's been a challenging year so far, however that is what life is all about.

I hope to blog more often.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Where do I start. The other half is a right pain in the arse. Why buy something then say oooohhhh put it away til our birthdays? Bloody hell that's 4 months away. Could be dead in that time. What is the point of spending $600 or more and then storing the bloody thing.

Is it me? No, it's not.

Drives me insane this man.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Feeling Solitary

Am feeling quite alone at present. This Wise Witch is not getting her real dose of coven work. May be I am meant to work solitary. There is a true wind blowing and I'm not sure which way..... East I think. So Air....... Thinking and thought, wisdom. Wondering if I can possibly combine the way of the pagan with normal life too. As in making up herbs, candle spells etc for a wiccan shop of sorts. Perhaps leading a workshop on basic 101..... yes I can do that.

Firstly though, things are changing at work. I shall be working more with the Sydney crew and Melbourne won't be doing their backyard jobs any more, well at least for the winter 2011.

Will now have to wait and see but it is all positive.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Well had the most amazing time at Mt Franklin. Although blessed with another head cold, sore throat went along on my merry way. Pitched my new tent, set up a home from home with the boiling billy and camp stove. Fantastic ritual on the Saturday night. Ended up with major headache and migraine. However, have to say well worth doing and will do it again. Thing is I think I would love to go camping again. And if you go to the free campsites it can be a really cheap retreat for me. Will have to think about that one big time.

Back into it again, with kids and shopping etc but, well, I love my family. Have to say can't wait for my studio to be finished. I can then get to work on some nitty gritty witchcraft.

Mabon today, last harvest. We must say thanks to mother nature for our abundance and look forward to some quite times for winter and introspective times ahead.

Wise Witch

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Camping Adventure

For the record, I don't camp. However the Universe is telling me that I should. So this weekend I am off to enjoy a most beautiful weekend at Mt Franklin, nr Daylesford in Victoria. The weekend is all about ritual and trance/dance meditation. Closely linked with the Full Moon this weekend it should be a most awesome time. So, have I got everything? Well I guess so, however some family think it's far too much! Well, I need comfort in my old age, so what is wrong with taking a portable gas camping heater? I need some home comforts...... along with my ritual dress and cloak - ha that took the smile of their faces.......

Like I said before, I don't do camping - so this is just the beginning of a whole new world to me. I have purchased new tent, and have googled so many images of how to put up a tarp, I guess I shall be just fine. Except now have a sore throat / cold on the way. Still, needs must. Have thermos will travel.

No to pack the car and stuff it all in....... Will update on Monday or Tuesday, after I have showered etc.... Cos there's no showers up where I'm going and only drop toilets. Catch you all later xx